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July 2021 Sisterhood Message

It is summer, it feels like summer, and that means that Fall and the High Holidays are around the corner! And Sisterhood is in the midst of our annual Honey from the Heart campaign, to send jars of honey to your family and friends. The price is $13 per jar, and there is FREE shipping if ordered by July 7th. Please go to the Kol Rinah website or call the office to send this thoughtful gift for a sweet upcoming 5782.
Last month Sisterhood voted on its new Officers and Board for July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2023. We are thrilled to announce that the new Sisterhood President is Linda Carton, who will be sharing the Presidency with Susan Brown for the first year. Our new Membership Vice-President is Fran Kaar. Our new Board Members-at-Large are Debbie Finkelstein, Sharon Katz-Weintraub and Joyce Olshan. Thank you to our new and returning Officers and Board Members who will help guide Sisterhood for the next two years. We are looking forward to exciting plans for new programs!
Sisterhood’s IntraContinental Sisterhood Conference was held virtually this year and more members were able to participate virtually at the sessions. It was good for us to see again many who have been doing this for many years to get advice and pointers to bring back to Kol Rinah. We were proud of our own Cindy Ginsburg, the President of the Region, whose 3-year term ended and who guided the region skillfully for the past 3 years.
Torah Fund has a major presence at the Conference, and we exceeded our 2020-2021 goal. Thank you to those who donated to allow us to contribute to the Conservative/Masorti Movement’s learning institutions worldwide.
This past month was the Jewish Film Festival, and Kol Rinah Sisterhood sponsored a film, and will also be a sponsor of the Jewish Book Festival.
Wishing all a good summer.
Sun, May 22 2022 21 Iyyar 5782