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March 2019 Sisterhood Message

The calendar keeps moving forward and spring is almost upon us. Even in February we get glimpses of its coming. Hopefully, soon, worries about polar vortexes and weird cold weather will be past us and we can settle in to enjoying several nice months before worrying about the beastly hot ‘vortexes’ which may invade us.

A large thank you to all who braved the frigid weather by attending Michael Faccini’s Bar Mitzvah on January 19th, followed by the Sisterhood Kiddush generously sponsored by his friends. And thank you Steve and Nancy Keyser this year again for scheduling the Faye Keyser Memorial Kiddush luncheons by Sisterhood. The first one is February 16th, and the second on April 6th, when Steve will be celebrating the anniversary of his Bar Mitzvah by chanting the Haftarah, and then sponsoring the kiddush.

The Sisterhood is also very appreciative of the help and support we received from many in the congregation who worked to make our annual Sisterhood Shabbat on January 26th a success. The service made visible the many talents of our women members. Women spent countless hours perfecting the prayers and Torah readings and Haftarah reading. It was an occasion made even more meaningful for many who can recall the time in the not so distant past, when the idea of a women’s Shabbat itself would have been unthinkable.

March 2nd brings Trivia Night, an annual tradition filled with questions unique, interesting, easy and challenging. It’s a great time to share edibles (the array and variety at each table is mind boggling), and of course visit with friends. If you don’t have a table, check with the office and we’ll find one for you. This event brings funds to both Sisterhood and Men’s Club, who in turn support the workings of the Shul. Your support and generosity are greatly and sincerely appreciated.

Sisterhood’s annual Torah Fund Luncheon, chaired by Linda Makler, will feature Karen Aroesty, Regional Director, ADL Heartland, Greater St. Louis area as our speaker on April 7, 2019. More information will be forthcoming, but save the date. Torah Fund was among many things that Irene Belsky, z”l, worked on each year. Her presence at minyanim is missed daily, and we look to honor both her memory and involvement to help our Seminaries.

All the best,
Joyce & Susan

Sat, July 2 2022 3 Tammuz 5782