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July 2019 Sisterhood Message

It is summer and it feels like summer! We are in the midst of our annual Honey from the Heart campaign, to send jars of honey to your family and friends. The price is $12 per jar, and there is FREE shipping through August 5th. Please go to the Kol Rinah website or call or stop by the office to send this thoughtful gift for a sweet
upcoming 5780.

We celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with our members coming to Craft Central to make gifts for family members. We had a lovely event there for Mother’s Day, but while we were a little disappointed that more children didn’t come to the event, the adults had a great time together. We were thrilled when on June 2 many more families were able to come to have a wonderful time together and create beautiful and artistic gifts!  Sisterhood was excited to sponsor this!

Mazel tov and thank you to Wendy Love Anderson and Jeremy Buhler for having Sisterhood provide the Kiddush luncheon for the beautiful bat mitzvah of their daughter Rena. Family and friends and the entire congregation were proud of her. Also mazel tov and thank you to Lauren Buchsbaum and Nick Riggio for the kiddush celebrating the 45th anniversary of her bat mitzvah, and their 2nd wedding anniversary.

We are also looking forward to providing several more Sisterhood kiddushes, with a thank you to Steve and Nancy Keyser for their lovely and generous Faye Keyser Memorial Kiddush luncheons to take place on June 15, July 27 and August 24. We have also been asked to provide the Kiddush luncheon for the bat mitzvah of Grace Kalina on August 31, and look forward to her bat mitzvah, the last at our Hanley location.

On a personal level, we thank the Sisterhood for allowing us to attend the IntraContinental Sisterhood Conference, held this year in Dallas. As new presidents it was good for us to meet many who have been doing this for many years to get advice and pointers to bring back to Kol Rinah. We were proud of our own Cindy Ginsburg, the President of the Region, and learned much from the varied presentations.

Torah Fund has a major presence at the Conference, and we were presented with an Award to show that we met our goal from 2017-2018. We will get another Award next year, as we not only met, but exceeded our 2018-2019 goal. Thank you to those who worked on the event, those who came, and thank you to all that donated to allow us to contribute to the Conservative/Masorti Movement’s learning institutions worldwide.

This past month was the Jewish Film Festival, and Kol Rinah Sisterhood sponsored the film, “Reinventing Rosalee,” a truly inspirational film about Rosalee Glass, a Polish woman who lived through WWII and years in Siberia to learn to embrace life. This 102-year-old woman and her daughter came to the Festival and showed us in person what it is meant to “choose life,” that we should thankfully learn to take advantage of all that life has to offer.

Wishing all a good summer,

Joyce Gang & Susan Brown

Sat, July 2 2022 3 Tammuz 5782