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September 2019 Sisterhood Message

It’s difficult to begin our column as usual with information about an interesting program or a Kiddush the Sisterhood is doing. As we write, the horror of the murders of the last several weeks is still new. By the time you read this, the shock may be moderated but not the sorrow, outrage and once again the worry about what these events mean for our country and our Jewish community. We send a message of healing and strength to the many communities impacted by these tragedies and our wish is that wise people will make principled decisions. Our hope is that safety in our country will be a given, not just a desire.

Now we turn to our own Kol Rinah. In addition to providing us with wonderful Kiddush luncheons in June and July, we offer our ongoing thanks to Steve and Nancy Keyser through the Faye Keyser Seudah Fund for sponsoring the Kiddush on August 24th. Double mazel tov and thank you for allowing us to provide the kiddush jointly celebrating Benita Boxerman’s birthday and Phil and Sima Needleman’s 60th anniversary. Also a big thanks to Maxine and Murray Kalina who graciously asked us to provide the Kiddush luncheon for their granddaughter Grace’s Bat Mitzvah.

We enjoyed a day of summer fun as we tie-dyed t-shirts at Craft Central in August at a free program for Sisterhood members and their families. Speaking of Sisterhood membership, all women in the congregation should have received letters inviting them to join or renew their membership. We appreciate each member, and look forward to hearing from you. Your dues help us provide financial support directly to the Early Childhood Center, USY, the Religious School and the shul itself. Besides, we’re a fun group to be around.

Both we and ORT thank you for your support of our Honey from the Heart fundraiser, which benefitted not only the Sisterhood, but importantly provides funding for the Kfar Silver Youth Village, which serves vulnerable students from high poverty homes, all of whom have learning, and/or family problems and many of whom are orphaned.

Sisterhood has partnered with Men’s Club in going through the tallitot used weekly at services. We have taken many to be cleaned, so that all who use the congregational tallitot will find them clean and ready for their use.

Our traditional Break-the-Fast meal, the last in our Hanley location, is once again generously being sponsored by Steve and Nancy Keyser through the Faye Keyser Seudah Fund and provided by the Sisterhood. Watch for information. And yes, we will be offering kiddushes in our “new” home. So many individuals give much time and energy to make these delicious meals. You are greatly appreciated!

At this season we reflect upon our actions and ask forgiveness from anyone whom we have offended as co-presidents of Sisterhood. We sincerely appreciate your help and encouragement, and look to guide Sisterhood on the giving paths
of its past.

L’Shanah Tovah,

Susan and Joyce

Sat, July 2 2022 3 Tammuz 5782