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COVID-19 Protocols

  • Masks are required and properly worn (cover nose, mouth & chin) by anyone ages 3 and older. Anyone not properly wearing a mask will be asked to do so, and anyone who refuses will be asked to leave.
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August 2022 Av 5782
Dear Kol Rinah Family,

The past two and a half years have seen the fabric of our lives and our society torn by
COVID. This year, as we approach the High Holidays, we are moving closer to a new normal,
weaving new fabric to create something similar to the old, but different too. This year, our High
Holidays at Kol Rinah will feel familiar and traditional, but new too
While we will continue to mask indoors, we will also be able to accommodate our full
capacity in our sanctuary and community hall. We know that so many of you want to come
back to shul in person, and we are so excited to have our community fill our new synagogue
building for the first time!

For those who are unable to come in person, we will still livestream our indoor services.
This year, we’ll offer a traditional service in the sanctuary, led by congregants as well as
Rabbis Arnow and Shafrin.

In the community hall, our members Rabbi Tracy Nathan (on the first morning of Rosh
Hashanah) and Rabbi Micah Buck Yael (for Kol Nidre and the morning of Yom Kippur) will offer
“Avodat HaLev--Service of the Heart,” in which we will experience the Days of Awe through
prayer, song, study, and conversation, engaging our hearts, minds, and souls. This concurrent
service will hold most components of a conventional service, with intentional spaciousness for
reflection and conversation, opportunities to approach the Torah through communal-themed
aliyot, and an invitation to spirited communal singing. 

In our courtyard, under tents, we will offer two services: one geared towards families
with kids six and up, as well as a tot-oriented service for families with kids under six, both led by
Rabbi Shafrin and Karen Kern. These outdoor services will feature musical instruments; the
indoor services will not. We will also be offering babysitting each morning of Rosh Hashanah
and Yom Kippur for those who have registered.

Additionally, we will have opportunities to learn together in the chapel as another
option each morning of the holidays. We hope you will seek out and find the spiritual
experiences that best meet your needs this year.

To prepare for the holidays, we will be offering opportunities to learn and sing together
beginning at the end of August and continuing through September.

If you would like an honor on the High Holidays this year, whether opening the ark,
having an aliyah, or carrying, lifting, or wrapping the Torah, please let Rabbi Arnow know at, and he will forward your request on. This year, we will need many
volunteers to help us manage leading the services, coordinating between rooms, and many
other tasks during these holidays. If you would like to volunteer or if you have questions about
volunteering, please be in touch with Stacey Hudson (
Enjoy the remainder of the summer and we look forward to beginning the New Year of
5783 with each of you!
Rabbi Noah Arnow
Stacey Hudson, Executive Director
Rabbi Scott Shafrin
Gary Kodner, President
Randi Mozenter, Board Chair
Elul High Holiday Preparation Opportunities
Wednesday, August 31, 7:00 pm:
The Days of Awe, which start the new Jewish year, are filled with opportunities to connect and
experience the world anew. Join Rabbi Arnow in a session which will use the music of the
season to help orient our hearts and minds to enter into the new year.

Wednesday, September 7, 7:00 pm:
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are not simply the start of the new year, but a finish line for the
deep, introspective work our tradition asks us to take on each year. Join Rabbi Shafrin for a new
and penetrating look into the spiritual task of searching the depths of your innermost self and
what generations of thinkers can add to your experience of these holidays.

Wednesday, September 14, 7:00 pm:
In Part II of his series, Rabbi Shafrin will tackle the complex and rewarding work of creating an
accounting of who we really are in advance of the new Jewish year. Come with questions,
thoughts, frustrations, and insights to uncover a new way to start the year together
Sunday, September 18, 9:15 am: bagel brunch; 9:30 am: Preparing for the High Holidays with a
Personal Theology
Join Dr. Arnold Eisen, Chancellor Emeritus of the Jewish Theological Seminary, for learning and
conversation in preparation for the Days of Awe.

High Holiday Service Schedule 2022/5783

 All services will be in-person. Services marked with an asterisk (*) will also be livestreamed.

Please allow ample time to park, walk to the building, check in, and find seats.

Saturday, September 17: Selichot
● 6:40 pm – Mincha/Maariv; 8:00 pm - Havdalah and Selichot
Sunday, September 25:
Mincha, Erev Rosh Hashanah - 6:00 pm*
Monday, September 26: Rosh Hashanah Day 1
● 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Sanctuary Service*
● 9:30 am – 1:00 pm Avodat HaLev (Service of the Heart) in the Community Hall*
● 10:00 am – Courtyard Family Service
● 10:15 am – Learning in the Chapel with Professor Nancy Berg:
"Repetition and Perfection: A Short Story"
We'll be studying a classic short story, teasing out different interpretations through multiple readings. We will consider the implications of the repetition in prayer throughout the High Holydays.  
● 11:15 am – Courtyard Tot Service
Tuesday, September 27: Rosh Hashanah Day 2
● 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Sanctuary Service*
● 10:00 am – Courtyard Family Service
● 10:30 am – Learning (TBA) in the Chapel
● 11:15 am – Courtyard Tot Service
Sunday, October 2: Tashlich
● 10:00 am Oak Knoll Park, Clayton
Tuesday, October 4: Kol Nidrei 
6:10 pm - Mincha in the Sanctuary
6:20 pm promptly (fast begins at 6:21 pm)
● Sanctuary Service*
● Avodat HaLev (Service of the Heart) in the Community Hall*
Wednesday, October 5: Yom Kippur
● 9:00 am – Sanctuary Service*
● 9:30 am – Avodat HaLev (Service of the Heart) in the Community Hall*
● 10:00 am – Courtyard Family Service
● 10:15 am – Learning in the Chapel with Rabbi Jessica Shafrin: 
"Resilience in a Time of Teshuva"
● 11:15 am – Courtyard Tot Service
● 11:15 am (approximately) – Yizkor in Sanctuary* and Community Hall*
● 11:45 am – Musaf in Sanctuary*
● 3:15 pm – Learning the Chapel with Rabbi Arnow:
"Flour and Doom: Eating on the Edge of Destruction"
● 4:15 pm – Mincha*
● 5:45 pm – Neilah*
● 6:50 pm – Maariv/Havdalah/Final Shofar* (fast ends at 7:17 pm)
Erev Sukkot – Sunday, October 9
● 6:00 pm Mincha/Festival Maariv
Sukkot, Day 1 – Monday, October 10
● 9:00 am Festival Shacharit*
Sukkot, Day 2 – Tuesday, October 11
● 9:00 am Festival Shacharit*
Hoshana Rabbah (Erev Shemini Atzeret) – Sunday, October 16
● 8:00 am Shacharit (in person—not on Zoom!)
● 6:00 pm Mincha/Festival Maariv/Yizkor
Shemini Atzeret (Erev Simchat Torah) – Monday, October 17
● 9:00 am Festival Shacharit *
● 10:45 am approx. Yizkor*
● 6:00 pm Festival Mincha, Maariv,
Simchat Torah Hakafot and Dancing
Simchat Torah – Tuesday, October 18
● 9:00 am Shacharit with Hakafot and Dancing*
If you are planning to participate in services with the livestream and you would like a machzor (High Holiday prayer book) at home, please come on
Sunday, September 18, 12:00-2:00 pm or Wednesday, September 21, 4:00-6:00 pm.

If you need a machzor delivered, please call the office at 314-727-1747.


 Please read carefully as we have had to revise our parking options.
We encourage everyone who can to car-pool or walk to services which reduces parking needs.
Accessible Parking
Our parking lot is reserved for those needing accessible parking. We are not reserving specific parking spaces; it is first come, first serve. Please call the office and we will mail you an accessible parking dashboard tag.
Evening Services
Linden and Maryland Avenues - available after 5:00PM at no cost.
Pierre Laclede Maryland Avenue surface lot - dashboard tag included in the High Holiday packet is required. The lot owner issues tickets to cars without the dashboard tag.
Daytime Services 
Linden Avenue - one-hour parking only. Clayton does ticket vehicles that part longer than one hour. We do not recommend parking on Linden Avenue. 
Pershing Avenue – There are a limited number of free parking spaces. 
Maryland Avenue - metered parking. 
Pierre Laclede Maryland Avenue surface lotThis lot is not available on Rosh Hashanah
Pierre Laclede Maryland Avenue Surface Lot - Yom Kippur, October 5. Place the dashboard tag included in the High Holiday packet on your dashboard. The lot owner issues tickets to cars without the dashboard tag. 
Pierre Laclede garage – Enter from Hanley. Use the dashboard tag so the parking attendant knows you are with Kol Rinah. Follow the signs in the garage and park on the blue, lower level. The elevator to the second floor takes you to the exit.  Bring the parking ticket to the greeter’s desk for a validation sticker. 
Hanley Road surface lotclosed, not available.
Please note that Kol Rinah is not responsible for parking tickets or missing ticket validation.

Kol Rinah is charged $14 per car that parks in the Pierre Laclede garage or surface lots. Please
consider a donation
when you register for High Holiday services to help offset this cost for each
time you anticipate parking in one of the Pierre Laclede lots.
Enter from Hanley. Bring the parking ticket you receive at the gate to check-in at services and we will validate the parking.

President's High Holiday Message

 Shanah Tovah Kol Rinah Community, 
It’s that time of the year when we focus our thoughts on the coming holidays, take stock of all that
has occurred in the past year, and have renewed hope for a healthy and prosperous year ahead. 
Kol Rinah continues to achieve our goals and answer formidable challenges that accompany change
and progress. We are so proud of the incredible success of our programs, campaigns, and the
increased use of our beautiful new facilities. It may be hard to believe that Kol Rinah will celebrate its
tenth anniversary in 2023. It has been an amazing story of achievement and success!
• Completed the initial stages of development for our new building and campus
• Built and moved into our new Monica Lynne Neidorff Early Childhood Center
• Offer quality services and programing to serve the diverse needs of our congregation
• Executed our promise to preserve and display our legacy memorials
• Continued upgrades and beautification of our campus and facilities
• Offer innovative and meaningful learning opportunities
• Serve the life-cycle needs of all our members
• Implement improvements and protocols that add to the safety, health, comfort, and security of our
• Ensure that we have effective spiritual, administrative, and lay leadership
• Use technology to operate in a challenging environment
We are also increasing our focus on the greater possibilities we can achieve through relationships
and volunteerism! Our strength is derived from the combined talents and contributions of our
dedicated volunteers. 
Please help us with your financial support. Your High Holiday contributions directly support our
operating expenses, programming, and personnel. You may submit the enclosed pledge card by
mail, call the office, or go to our website to select the best amount you can contribute. 
Thanks again to those who have given in the past. Please consider increasing your pledge. I
encourage everyone to make a commitment today, so that you can be counted among those helping
us to achieve our mission and goals.
I am truly appreciative of those who give so freely of their time and energy to our Kol Rinah
community. I cannot thank all of you enough for your devotion and support of our synagogue. 
Kol Rinah is not just reliant on your financial support. Please make a commitment this year to join a
committee, help with a program, teach or attend a class, or support our minyanim. Share your
talents and presence: You are appreciated. Everyone matters! 
I look forward to your generous support. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to serve Kol
Rinah, and I hope that in the year ahead we will find peace, comfort, and good health. 
Gary Kodner, Kol Rinah President
Note: This letter was mailed to all members with an enclosed High Holiday appeals card, you may also submit your pledge online. 

Making a Round Challah Video 101

Fri, June 9 2023 20 Sivan 5783