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COVID-19 Protocols

August 2021 / Av 5781
Dear Kol Rinah Family,
We are once again quickly approaching the start of a new Jewish year and the beginning of our High Holiday season. Throughout the spring and summer months, our High Holiday Task Force, Reopening Task Force, medical advisors, staff and lay leadership have all worked together to find new and creative solutions which take into account the changing dynamics of the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have looked at a number of possible plans and strategies to ensure that the High Holiday experiences and services we offer are, meaningful, comfortable, and invigorating for all our members.
After much consideration, we have decided to hold our services for all of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in person in our new Maryland Ave building. We will increase attendance to fifty percent capacity and to keep everyone safe and comfortable together, require masks, whether you are vaccinated or not.
There will be two service experiences available throughout Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, one being a more traditionally-focused service, and one which will have some innovation within the traditional framework of the prayer service. For those unable to attend in person, both services will be available to view livestreamed.
Our family services and holiday experiences are being held in the courtyard, complete with a tent to provide shade and comfort for children and families.
As in previous years, our plans include robust virtual and in person opportunities for High Holiday preparation in the month of Elul (beginning on August 9), a “High Holiday guide” for each household, virtual learning opportunities throughout the holiday period, and break out learning sessions.
We are very blessed to have a tried and true system for live-streaming these services that we have perfected over months of use on Shabbat mornings.  Our revamped and re-edited High Holiday Guidebook will also help make sacred this special use of our technology on Shabbat and holidays by suggesting rituals for setting aside one’s computer for use on the holiday only for religious purposes. 
We know that not everyone has computer and internet access, and that not everyone is equally familiar and comfortable with using technology.  If you are concerned about your ability to access services, please be in touch with us and we will work with you to find ways to gain access. 
As a participatory community, our offerings depend on you bringing your talents, skills, time, and creativity to this effort. As in past years, we will need volunteers to help us make these High Holidays meaningful communal experiences for everyone.  We’ll need volunteers to provide tech help to those who need support, greet people at the door and to usher at our services. Please fill out and quickly return the enclosed volunteer form so that we can begin the work of creating a meaningful and unique Yamim Noraim experience for all of us this year.
Please be in touch with any of us with questions or ideas. Our website is kept up to date with details on the services, parking and COVID-19 protocols. Please check that often to stay informed as we are closely monitoring conditions in the community related to COVID-19 and may need to make changes accordingly.
With hope for a year of renewal ahead and with gratitude to all of you for lending your support and care to help our Kol Rinah family thrive this and every year,
Shanah Tovah,
Rabbis Noah Arnow & Scott Shafrin
President Gary Kodner & Board Chair Randi Mozenter
Executive Director Stacey Hudson

High Holiday Service Schedule 2021/5782

All services inside the building will be in-person AND livestreamed
MoMonday, September 27: Hoshana Rabah, Erev Shemini Atzeret
6pm Mincha, Kabbalat Shemini Atzeret, Yizkor on Zoom
Tuesday, September 28: Shemini Atzeret 
9:30am Shacharit with Yizkor RSVP here
· 6pm Mincha, erev Simchat Torah maariv with hakafot RSVP here
Wednesday, September 29: Simchat Torah

· 9:30am Shacharit RSVP here
*Please note: there will be no regular Shabbat Mincha/Ma'ariv/Havdalahs during September.
Sanctuary services streaming link:
Zoom link for September 20th and 27th is the usual for evening minyan.

Book Pick Up

If you are planning to participate in services with the live stream and you want a book at home, please call the office, 314-727-1747.


We have multiple options for parking during the High Holy Days. Each option is first come, first serve with no individually reserved spaces. Please note that the options do vary whether it is for an evening or daytime service.
We will maintain the drop off drive. You may pull into the driveway on Linden, drop someone off near the front door, and pull out to park. 
Reserved for people with a handicap license or require special parking assistance. Contact the office if you qualify for an accessible parking space and we will send you a tag to place on your dashboard. These are not individual reserved parking spaces, we are holding the entire lot on a first come - first basis for those needing parking accessibility. Enter the lot from Hanley.
Available for the evening services, after 5PM.
There is no cost for the meters after 5PM.
Enter from Maryland Avenue. Use the enclosed dashboard tag to inform the parking lot management that you are with Kol Rinah.
Enter from Forsyth Boulevard. Bring the parking ticket you receive at the gate to check-in at services and we will validate the parking.

President's High Holiday Message

August 2021/Av 5781
Greetings fellow Kol Rinah members, 
It’s that time of year again when we focus our thoughts on the coming holidays and take stock of all that has occurred in the past year, as we hope for a healthy and prosperous year ahead. 
Our Kol Rinah community continues to achieve our goals and answer the formidable challenges that accompany change and progress. We are so proud of the incredible success of our programs, campaigns, and our NEW building on Maryland Ave.
Let’s turn our attention to even greater possibilities we can achieve through relationships and through volunteerism! Our strength is derived from the combined talents and contributions from our volunteers.   
I believe that the ultimate success and sustainability of Kol Rinah can be realized by attracting a continuous flow of dedicated volunteers who care for and understand our mission, our vision, and the full benefits of inclusion. 
In case you have not seen these words before… this is our formula for success: 
OUR VISION: A dynamic and forward-looking congregation where all generations come together to experience Judaism in innovative ways. 
OUR MISSION:Create a welcoming community that embraces Torah, meaningful worship, lifelong learning, music, Israel, and tikkun olam, guided by the tenets of Conservative Judaism. 
OUR INCLUSION:Kol Rinah welcomes everyone. This means YOU! We embrace a diversity of all Jews. including: Jews by choice, Jews of all hues, singles, couples, families, interfaith households, LGBTQ Jews, Jews of all abilities and disabilities, the Jew-curious, and more! 
Kol Rinah is a special shul formed in the image of our legacy congregations. For generations we found ways to sustain our unique, Jewish community by innovating and embracing change as the times called for it. Most of all, we have achieved success by serving each other, above our own particular needs. 
Many of us have forgotten our earliest volunteers: 
June 5, 1905, when a group of Jewish immigrants led by Rev. J. Korn opened a Hebrew School at 3935 Finney, just west of Vandeventer in the city of St. Louis. With the success of this Talmud Torah, the very next month Rev. Korn and Robert Horwitz held the first of many organizational meetings that would lead to the formation of Shaare Zedek congregation. 
Isadore Rossman, who in 1908 volunteered his time, leadership, resources to organize a group of Hungarian Jewish immigrants, who met at Weintraub's Hall, Seventh & Franklin organize a community based on their combined need for education and worship which would become Brith Sholom. 
Isaac Goodman, In the mid-30s, another volunteer, organized a group of men working in the garment industry on Washington Ave. to form a daily minyan that would become Kneseth Israel. 
Over the past 9 years, we have accomplished some amazing things together. We came together as a community to build a sustainable model for today and the future. 
I ask each of us to respond, not just with gifts and contributions, but also with exploring the opportunities of volunteerism and engagement. We can develop innovative programs and ideas that achieve the innovation and inclusion stated so prominently on our website. 
This Fall, we have a special opportunity for members interested in synagogue leadership. We are forming a cohort to learn about problem solving, planning and developing a vision for our synagogue. We are looking for members currently on the board that want to move to new leadership positions, members of committees that want to join the board and - perhaps most importantly - members that currently do not serve but have the desire to become more involved. Please see the attached application for the details.
Please help us with your financial support by indicating on the enclosed card your High Holiday pledge for 2021. You mail it back to us in the enclosed envelope, go online or bring the card to services. 
Thank you for the opportunity to serve Kol Rinah and I look forward to your generous support.  I wish you a healthy and prosperous new year! 
Gary Kodner, Kol Rinah President 
Note: This letter was mailed to all members with an enclosed High Holiday appeals card, you may also submit your pledge online. 
If you are interested in the leadership cohort application please call the office, 314-727-1747.

Making a Round Challah Video 101

Sun, May 22 2022 21 Iyyar 5782